Key Creation


Key Creation

Let Liberty Bell Locks create a new key for your old lock. We follow special techniques with our advanced tools for key creation.

How do we work to generate a key?

Our professionals use several methods to fit your first key, such as:

  • Key by Code: It is possible if the lock comes with a code number stamped on the lock. We can research the code and try appropriate blanks and cuts. This approach can be problematic because of the various codes manufacturers use.
  • Key Generation by Impression: This special method is good for the fitting of a key to one lock.
  • Key via Sight Reading: Our skilled locksmiths can look in the lock to decipher the cuts to make a working key.
  • Disassembly a Lock: This procedure requires a locksmith to disassemble a lock and decrypt the cuts.
  • Key Creation by Progression: Lock manufacturers follow particular rules that allow them to cut part of a key from numerous known cuts and progress these cuts until they successfully open a lock.
  • Key Creation by Picking: Particular types of locks are picked with a particular tool and cuts may be discovered by reading the depths on each pick.

These are some methods that we prefer to fit keys while working on a missing key. After properly fitting the lock of a key, we can make several duplicates as needed. Call us today, 806.412.4625