Commercial and Residential Rekeying

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Commercial and Residential Rekeying

Let Liberty Locks handle all your commercial or residential rekeying. If you’ve lost keys or want your existing locks rekeyed you should consider our experts. We do this by using current hardware and disassembling your current lock to replace the pins and create a new key rendering the old keys unusable. Instead of replacing your entire hardware with new security locks, consider rekeying to save money and time.

Rekeying is different than duplicating your old key or fitting the first key in the old lock. Commercial and residential rekeying is a procedure to change the key of the lock. The purpose of this effort is to increase your security and prevent access to those with keys you cannot retrieve.

We can rekey the locks at any location. Keep in mind when choosing to rekey your locks, if you have the key for the lock this reduces the time and cost of rekeying, if not we can still solve your issue!


If you are interested in commercial or residential rekeying, contact us and get your quotes today, 806.412.4625